WMS Modules

Through a menu-driven system, Logimax WMS support modules enable companies like yours to increase productivity and efficiency, and ultimately improve your strategic value as a trading partner. Each Logimax module seamlessly integrates with our WMS and is rapid-to-implement.
EDI & eCommerce
Directed RF Task Automation
Yard Management
Multi Carrier Transportation Management Solution (TMS) – Varsity Logistics
Terminal Cross Docking

EDI & eCommerce

Supporting Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is required by most companies because it enhances the efficiency, accuracy, speed, and traceability associated with transmitting data to and from trading partners. Using EDI has never been easier than with Logimax. Our EDI module presents data in an understandable format so that warehouse workers can resolve issues without intervention from supervisors, customers or IT staff. This improves your customer service while lowering your costs.

Logimax also leverages open (X12) standards. As a result, you can easily communicate with trading partners regardless of their EDI translator, ERP system, or transportation software using conventional VAN services and FTP transmittals.

Enhance customer service, reduce transaction errors and costs, improve inventory projections, minimize out-of-stock situations, and increase inventory turns with Logimax EDI. Logimax supports 204, 846, 856, 864, 888, 940, 943, 944, 945 and 947 EDI transactions, and the SAP suite of iDoc transactions.

Directed RF Task Automation

A major advancement in WMS functionality, the Logimax Wireless Task Automation module provides companies with on-the-fly task assignment and real-time, paperless task visibility for every warehouse activity.

LogiMation’s built-in intelligence recognizes item velocity, seasonality, stackability and other criteria that allow our customers to maximize efficiency and space utilization.

From receipts, counts and picks to outbound deliveries, Logimax assigns tasks (via RF) using advanced task logic that takes into account a user’s login and equipment as well as pre-defined rules, task priorities and the Logimax Appointment Book.

When an unexpected delivery or last-minute order arrives, a supervisor can re-assign the order priority and assign additional resources to that task on the fly… in real-time, without paper.

Key features include:

  • Automatic queueing of fulfillment orders based on inbound carriers
  • Advanced put-away logic that recognizes velocity, stackability, date mixing rules and more, and maximizes space and cube utilization
  • Real-time data on unexpected or time-critical deliveries that require attention
  • Automatic generation of compliant labels for ready-to-stage pallets
  • Direct pallet building for split-case and case picks based on item crushability
  • Replenish interleaved forward pick locations
  • Automatic order sorting by requested ship date
  • Employee productivity monitoring vs. established time standards
  • Automatic enforcement of product consolidation, rotation and location rules
  • Elimination of paper from the entire warehouse
  • Order checking and loading tasks ensure order and load integrity and provide a detailed loading diagram


Kitting, assemble-to-order and related light-manufacturing services are an effective way to generate new revenue from existing customers, attract new business, and deliver more value to customers’ supply chains. Our Assemble-to-Order Module includes a comprehensive bill of material (BOM), cost and budget analysis, work order and shift planning, and a wealth of other standard features that include the following:

  • Source component availability, available-to-build analysis, shortage and damage recording
  • Raw materials redeployment, material restocks and transfers
  • Cost tracking for all associated production, movement and handling charges
  • Association of new finished goods with the customer for new storage revenue
  • Consolidation of all charges on the customer invoice

Yard Management

Logimax Yard Management (YMS) module provides companies with the ability to track trailers’ and containers’ pertinent data, including who brought it in, where it is, what’s on it, how long it’s been there, where it’s supposed to be, and when it’s supposed to be there.

Using RF, Logimax YMS provides a real-time information exchange between the warehouse and the yard. Integrating tasks inside and outside the warehouse, companies improve efficiency, yard productivity, customer service, and cycle times.

  • Track complete conveyance history: arrival, moves, inspection, damages, temperature, etc.
  • Capture thermo-unit fuel levels, driver CB and/or cell phone information.
  • Conveyance dwell time tracking for e-mail demurrage alerts
  • Associate warehouse receipt and deliveries to conveyance
  • RF enabled delivery inspection and conveyance activities with history
  • Comprehensive suite of reports

Multi Carrier Transportation Management Solution (TMS) – Varsity Logistics

Varsity ShipSoft-Parcel™ and ShipSoft-Freight™ support a wide array of shipping needs—from companies with single carrier domestic shipments to multi-site organizations that ship globally through multiple parcel, LTL, truckload, and rail carriers. With Varsity, companies purchase only the functionality they require. When both parcel and freight shipping are needed, Varsity ShipSoft-Parcel and ShipSoft-Freight integrate for centralized shipping management.

Terminal Cross Docking

Providing Terminal Cross Docking is another way Logimax helps companies make themselves a more valuable supply chain partner because it drives costs out of the supply and demand chains. Cross docking efficiently speeds the flow of goods from manufacturer to the retailer, reduces the risk of product damage and obsolescence, lowers inventory costs, reduces delivery lead times, and improves customer service. The Logimax Cross Docking module is a real-time solution that:

  • Uses RF direction to eliminate paper and searching for goods
  • Uses PRO number routing data and conveyance status from your TMS
  • Automatically assigns doors and queues inbound & outbound tasks
  • Applies advanced logic to determine available-to-load status
  • Provides staging and optional pre-staging capability
  • Facilitates printing of loading diagrams and over-the-road Bills of Lading
  • Provides complete traceability by PRO number, conveyance and dock worker

Warehouse Management for 3PL

The flexible and powerful core WMS delivers everything your public warehouse needs to improve efficiency and increase revenue right out-of-the-box. Through accurate, on-time third party billing, every service item is automatically accounted for and invoiced. Learn more.