Our Customers

Logimax is deployed worldwide at many leading international distribution sites. Logimax is a market leader in the IBM i community, and its customers are found in virtually all distribution and manufacturing industries. Today’s most serious business challenge is not selecting and implementing new technologies or raising capital. Instead, the key to your organization’s success lies in knowing how to leverage technology to retain and attract new customers. Logimax Inc. offers companies everything they need to be successful in the distribution and manufacturing industries.

What our customers can expect from us:

  • Flexible shipping options (shoppers expect free delivery and receive items within 2 to 3 days of placing an order).
  • Status/Shipping Alerts (shoppers expect a clear indication of when items will arrive. The use of emails / text alerts on the status or orders (i.e. order received, pick, packed and shipped conformation) with the first alert sent one hour after placing an order).
  • Flexible delivery options (shoppers desire to pick delivery options (i.e. Home, Post Office, Work Place, Drop Point and pick up in store) and the ability to change delivery options with orders in process).
  • Support 24 / 7 Operations
  • Simplify returns process
  • The ability to produce custom packing slips

Other advantages:

  • low cost of ownership
  • extraordinarily secure
  • easy to use
  • rule driven functionality
  • single or multiple customer / vendor
  • rich e-commerce and integration support
  • paperless warehouse automation
  • user, company and customer metrics
  • customer / vendor web access
  • quick to implement with a quick ROI

At an affordable price with an easy to implement system, Logimax WMS is the best option to help you improve the efficiency, productivity, and overall quality of your business. In as little as 30 days, your new Logimax WMS can be implemented and ready to help you manage your warehouse.

Here are a few of our customers:

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