About Us

Since 1995, Logimax has provided our customer base with exceptionally robust, reliable and affordable warehouse management solutions on the IBM i platform. Logimax is designed to make you work faster and built to help you solve problems more quickly. Logimax Inc., based in Jacksonville, Florida, is part of the FOG Software Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Constellation Software, Inc. Learn more.

3rd Party Logistics


Warehouse Management System is an innovative solution that seamlessly integrates accounting, eCommerce, and shipping software into one WMS solution for all your shipping needs. See why customers rate it so highly. Get a full grasp by using inventory control functionality plus integrated RF data collection, report writing and web portal access.

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The flexible and powerful core of Logimax, our WMS foundation, is a browser-based system that contains everything your warehouse needs to distribute and improve its efficiency right out-of-the-box.

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The modules are the core of the software which allows you to encode assets and plants, prepare for planned and unplanned maintenance management, ship inventory, fleet procurement and lets you do cost control, including safety equipment and hazardous occurrences tracking.

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Logimax delivers software that allows you to organize and crunch historical data, giving you analytic capabilities to put metrics to work. It empowers users to take control of their shipping operations and steer their financial future in the right direction.

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